Korea has been growing rapidly, economically and politically, but it has lost the importance of locality.
Therefore, many social problems are occurring in Korea because everything is concentrated in the capital area and metropolitan cities. Likewise, nearly 80% of the travel for foreigners is concentrated in Seoul, Incheon, Jeju, and Busan, so even if they visit Korea, they are only solidifying the image of a “city” and a country with a huge shopping power.

But Korea is changing.
There is a shift from a major company oriented economy to a local community business where you can find “local” shops easily in tourist spots. The inbound travel business should change as well, so will take the lead to make a change.

plans a trip that connects local culture and people to foreigners.
Collaborate with more than three community businesses and local cooperatives to proceed with one product, and local residents who are familiar with the village give commentary, which makes travelers 100% immersed in local culture. The trip with Inside Korea Travel is not only a happy trip for guides and travelers, but also for local cultural producers.

If you want to go far, go together

If you walk alone, you can go fast, but if you walk with a supportive colleague, you can have a lot of fun stories to tell, and when you fall, you can rely on each other and share a longer path together. We don’t think that it is a great trip just because the tour plan is perfect or the tour guide speaks well alone. Happy travelers, guides, drivers, travel agencies, and local residents are trips that we dream of.

In order to plan a trip, communicates with more than five local residents, including restaurant owners, tour commentators, and community businesses. If your trip ends with numbers and hard explanations, what will remain when you go back to your home? believes the story that local residents tell us, and is the true story. Also, we want to find the forgotten local culture of Korea and show it to you, the travelers. We hope that your planned trip to Korea will give you unforgettable memories.

The people who make your trip

Is it only the planners of who make your trip?
Absolutely not. Your trip is made by not only planners but also local residents,
community businesses, and professional guides. Oh! Of course, “YOU” can’t be left out to make a more perfect trip!
We need travel agencies, locals, and “YOU” to make our journey perfect.

Company Mission

Contribute to revitalizing the local economy of farming and fishing villages in Korea.
Meet various small cities in Korea by leaving the metropolitan area.
Promote local village food globally.
Record, plan, and revive the forgotten culture.